Hoops: Bobcats coaching hire not without controversy

The Scrum Brandon is always the must-read when it comes to the Bobcats. They didn't disappoint when it comes to the "gong show" (their phrase) that the coaching search became. (As you know, they've gone with former star Keith Vassell, who'd been coaching overseas.)

"... you got the sense that the presentations were merely formality. You simply can't have someone on a hiring committee outwardly and overtly talking up one of the candidates. It's wholly unprofessional and a mind-boggling move from people supposedly in positions of prominence and esteem.

"... I would love to say that the presentation process was a success, but I can't say that whole-heartedly. And I’d love so say we can all feel better about Brandon University's open and honest approach to hiring, but I can’t say that either."
-- David Larkins

Vassell, who was Final 8 MVP on Jerry Hemmings' last national championship team in 1996, is the fifth coach in six seasons for the Bobcats. The rumblings is that he was tapped based on his ability to recruit. That will raise questions about how well the Bobcats come together under their latest coach, especially when you consider that Brock and Carleton, the past two national champions, had players whose relationship with their coaches predates their university careers.
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