Hockey: McGill's Poitras gets NHL tryout with Anaheim

McGill Athletics has passed along word that goalie Mathieu Poitras will be carried on the Anaheim Ducks roster as the emergency goalie during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Poitras, 25 still has his fifth year of eligibility, so I guees if he doesn't appear in a game, he can conceivably return to the Redmen. Of course, we were remiss in not acknowledging former St. FX goalie Mike Mole's call-up to the Islanders. It's been rough lately (OK, actually it hasn't been).

(Thanks to Earl Zukerman.)
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1 comment:

  1. As luck would have it, a 2007 amendment to the Eligibility & Recruiting Rules address this very situation.

    A member institution may make an application (to the CIS Office Representative for eligibility) for a one game exemption to the professional participation rules for a CIS men’s hockey goalie in those instances when a professional team is requiring an “emergency” call-up.
    -- section (p.20 of the pdf)

    Poitras hasn't played yet (obviously not; we'd be all over it here) but assuming McGill did their homework, he retains eligibility for next year if he appears in one game.

    If Poitras plays in two games, I'm not sure what happens to his 2008-2009 CIS season. His eligibility for 2008-2009 depends on the CIS definition of "competitive year" (in particular, whether the 2007-2008 year includes the date of his second game). Couldn't find the definition in the rulebook, but two emergency games is pretty unlikely anyway.