CIS Countdown 2013: Acadia Axemen

Last year: 7-1 season, 8-2 overall, +2.1 SRS
Extra AUS opponent: SMU
Interlock opponent: Laval

Evan Brown is getting some much-needed experience this coming season as he steps in for former Axemen quarterback Kyle Graves.

Acadia lost a valuable player in Graves, who received the AUS MVP and Loney Bowl Player of the Game, was a Hec Crighton nominee, and signed (albeit briefly) with the Alouettes.

However, anticipate Brown to step in and easily fill the gap. Brown was recruited from CEGEP in 2008 and is in his fifth year of eligibility. Although he has a small arm it is deceiving to opposing teams as it leads him to quick passes, which can work out but not if they face a lot of 2nd-and-long situations.

Defensively, Acadia lost their defensive MVP, Ed McNally, and though their three-time All Canadian DB Cam Wade will be returning to the team, they won't have their DB coach Sean Hall, who left for Carleton.

Although Acadia is taking a hit with the losses of McNally, Graves, and receiver Mike Squires, they are bringing in a fresh, strong line-up. Head coach Jeff Cummings was able to sign players and talent from across the country: receiver and return specialist Kory Morgan (Ottawa), offensive lineman Bauer Negrych (Onapin, Ont.) and defensive back Brandon Jennings (St. Albert, Alta.) represent some of the non-Maritime talent, while some local recruits include QB Kris Brine, DB Josh Sampson, OL Brennan Turner, and REC Andray Brady.

The top recruit to look out for this season will be Shaquille Cezont-Holmes. The 2012 All-New England Team quarterback is joining the Axemen as a receiver after averaging 27.1 yards per return with seven returns of 190 yards, and 21 touchdowns in a single season for Hebron Academy in Maine.
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