Calculated Reactions: SRS risers and fallers, first-of-2012 edition

In earlier versions of this, we've looked at those whose RPI rank changed the most over some period of time. This time, we'll look at the change in SRS, or Simple Ranking System, a ranking that adjusts a team's average margin of victory based on the strength of its opponents.


Laval, men's volleyball (up 0.6 sets)
SRS on Dec. 4: +1.2
SRS now: +1.8

SRS is a little weird for volleyball because every game must end with a +1, +2, or +3 margin, but nonetheless the Rouge et Or have added more than half a set to their per-match average simply by blowing everyone east of Ottawa out of the water. They haven't lost a set in 2012, and have only had a four-set win four times in their regular-season schedule. There's only so much we can say about Laval when they play in a three-team conference with interlock against another three-team conference, but they're destroying their opponents as always.

Windsor, women's basketball (up 3.9)
SRS on Dec. 4: +15.0
SRS now: +18.9

It has been a Carletonesque second half for the Lancers, winning every game (except one) by 27 or more, pushing them above Regina for first-place in the SRS rankings. With Laurier, Guelph, Waterloo, and Western left on the schedule, that average margin of victory may increase.

Calgary, men's basketball (up 5.5)
SRS on Dec. 31: -3.1
SRS now: +2.4

A plus-2.4 is not great, but the Dinos haven't played any cupcake opponents in the new year, and they've even knocked off Saskatchewan once and Alberta twice. It helps, of course, that Boris Bakovic is back, basically giving them a new best scorer: his 22.3 points per 40 minutes is second to Tyler Fidler's 23.6, but he's shooting an effective 52.7% to Fidler's 47%.


Ottawa, men's hockey (down 1.0)
SRS on Dec. 4: +0.2
SRS now: -0.8

The men's hockey rankings ignore the forfeitures, so Ottawa's a little higher than they would be otherwise. But still, they dropped quite a bit after losing by four or more goals to UQTR, Concordia, and McGill in the new year. They're now only three points out of last place among non-RMC OUA East teams.

St. F-X, men's basketball (down 6.6)
SRS on Dec. 31: +14.0
SRS now: +7.4

(One goal is worth more in hockey than 7 points are worth in basketball, so keep that in mind.)

Losses to CBU, UPEI, and Dal aren't helping X. They're still on track to (likely) represent AUS at the Final 8, and certainly a bye in the AUS Final 6, but they'll have to beat up on the lesser teams the rest of the way, as championship teams do.

Brock, women's basketball (down 4.2)
SRS on Dec. 4: +10.7
SRS now: +6.5

Not only did they not keep it close against Windsor in either meeting, they also lost to Western (by 3), Laurier (by 8 and by 1), and to Guelph (by 4). For a team that was estimated to be about 11 points better than average, those are games that need to be won or else their SRS will drop, as it did.

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  1. Is there a link to the full ranking for each sport?

  2. Sure is. On the right sidebar on this blog, where it says "team rankings."