MUBL: Why wait until March for a basketball champion?

The various Final Fours (or Sixes) will start later this week. There's already at least one winner in CIS basketball, though.

The Masters University Basketball League, the world's most popular CIS basketball fantasy league, finished its third season last weekend (with the games on Feb. 19), and one of our past champions has repeated.

Following 10 weeks of play, Neate Sager collected 45 points (one point for winning a category, half a point for tying), beating some guy by the smallest possible margin and capturing his second title in three years. His first championship win, in 2009-10, was also by the same smallest possible margin, over the same person, but a win is a win.

Last year's champion, Alexandre Tourigny, finished only ahead of Cam Charron (who had some excellent players but in his own words, forgot to play them). Alex was expected to cruise to another title with both Phil Scrubb and Jahmal Jones among his keepers from last year, but that's why they play the games — or in this case, why they collect the stats for specific players and pretend they're a team. He gets to keep both Scrubb and Jones for another year, however, so perhaps 2012-13 will see a resurgence.

Full standings and results:
  1. Neate Sager, 45 points
  2. Rob Pettapiece, 44.5 (0.5 behind)
  3. Andrew Bucholtz, 41.5 (-3.5)*
  4. Craig Burley, 41.5 (-3.5)
  5. Alexandre Tourigny, 37 (-8)
  6. Cam Charron, 30.5 pts (-14.5)
* Wins tiebreaker based on head-to-head results.

Congratulations to everyone but Cam.
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  1. I like how you narrowly lost two competitions, Rob.

    You're the Oakland As of university basketball analysis.

  2. Meanwhile, I'm the Seattle Mariners.