Men's basketball: Tracking Carleton's dominance

You may remember that we ran a pair of football prediction contests here in the fall (1, 2). We were going to do the same for men's basketball, but time ran out on us, so instead we're just running this one simple contest: what will Carleton's average margin of victory be in their 14 OUA East regular-season games?

After receiving a grand total of 27 entries, we have an average prediction of 29.5 points. (For reference, last year Carleton won their OUA East games by an average of 36.1 points; in 2009-10, they averaged +26.9, including their loss to York.)

Through all 14 games, the Ravens averaged a winning margin of 42.2 points. The winner of the contest will be named this week (Feb. 20-24).

  • Jan. 6: Beat York by 36
  • Jan. 7: Beat Laurentian by 47
  • Jan. 13: Beat Ryerson by 31
  • Jan. 14: Beat Toronto by 34
  • Jan. 18: Beat Ottawa by 40
  • Jan. 20: Beat Queen's by 32
  • Jan. 21: Beat RMC by 82
  • Jan. 27: Beat York by 42
  • Jan. 28: Beat Laurentian by 35
  • Feb. 3: Beat Ottawa by 29
  • Feb. 10: Beat RMC by 72
  • Feb. 11: Beat Queen's by 33
  • Feb. 17: Beat Toronto by 35
  • Feb. 18: Beat Ryerson by 43
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  1. you see a number of teams resting players against Carleton realizing they don't have a chance or starters not getting many minutes to save their bodies either for the next game or due to pre-existing injuries or not to risk further injuries

  2. I don't suppose Carleton will average 16.5 point margins this week so my pick is dead on?