Football: Our second winner is ...

We have a winner in part 2 of our predictions contest, and it's Dave Dennis.

Part 1, won by Postmedia's Peter James, was predicting the win-loss records of every team. Part 2 required participants to predict who would win each conference championship, the bowl games, and the Vanier Cup — which may sound easier than Part 1, but picking these teams in August isn't always easy, despite what some say about the league's predictability.

There were a maximum of eight points available in the second round: one for guessing each bowl game participant correctly (4), one for guessing the winners of those games (2), and two more for guessing the correct Vanier Cup champion (2, 8 total).

Nobody was perfect, but one person got seven out of eight points: Dave Dennis. He correctly predicted McMaster over Acadia in the Uteck, Laval to win the Mitchell, and Mac to win the Vanier over Laval. The only team he was incorrect about was Regina, but many of us were wrong about the Rams this year. Dave's son happens to play for McMaster, and he admits, "It was more hope than clairvoyance when selecting McMaster to win the Vanier. It wasn’t until after the mid–season that I believed McMaster was a legitimate contender whereas it was only week 2 when I realized my error in selecting Regina."

As for the consensus among all voters ... only three people chose McMaster to go all the way. The Globe and Mail would no doubt be shocked to learn that, when it came to the Yates Cup, support for McMaster and Western was just about even. Voters were split on Canada West — all teams except UBC received at least one vote, though the only ones with serious support were Saskatchewan and Regina. AUS support was mostly for Saint Mary's, and Laval dominated the Q ballots.

(One brave soul chose Bishop's to win the Q, though this person also picked Guelph over Acadia in the Uteck and then St. F-X to win the Vanier. I still haven't figured that one out.)
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1 comment:

  1. One of the hardest matches to handicap was in fact the Vanier as it turns out. Mitchell Bowl relatively easy and of course Uteck Bowl was fairly staraightforward until Acadia went up 14-0. Yikes! All predictions were on the thin line until Mac Marauders woke up at Uteck Bowl.

    Despite my 45-20 win prediction on behalf of Laval(on this site before game) for Vanier, I think I would still handicap this game similarly if we had an imaginary rematch as advantage Laval. I imagined(before Vanier) a fairly even game at half with Laval then figuring Mac out. Little or no adversity towards Laval in their regular season hurt Laval in fact, at Vanier. They came off the field looking very stunned. First class effort in coaching plan to stop Mac in the second half(many of us on cis blog of actual game shouted this out- easily said than done) although it happened via special team TD and defensive turnover by Laval.

    Give full credit to McMaster once it was a one point game. Called back DiCroce TD still haunts me especially if Laval won in overtime.

    Overall congrats to the people that picked this season well on this blog site.