MUBL: Season 2, Week 3 update

We're three weeks into the 11-week MUBL season, so let's see how the teams are doing so far:

Full results are here; corrections welcomed.

Alexandre Tourigny of RDS is sitting in first place, having won his three weeks 4-3-1, 6-2, and 5-3. That 6-2 win over AlwaysOUA's Chris Lund came despite an 11-of-24 weekend from Ryan MacKinnon, and MacKinnon's 6-of-25 performance in Week 1 kept Alex from beating me by more than the bare minimum. (So naturally, when MacKinnon finally starts shooting, with 15/22, 48 points in 56 minutes in the week ending Nov. 28, it's Daniel Quirion who goes 2 for 18.)

Two wins behind Alex is Cam Charron, and before you think the new people are dominating the league, fellow newcomer Brian Decker has a combined record of 8-16 (no matter that five of those eight are against me). Cam picked up 23 boards from both Drazen Glisic and Jacob Doerkson recently, winning rebounds 63-61 as part of his 6-2 Week 3 win.

The second through sixth spots are all very similar (Cam, Neate Sager, Chris, Andrew Bucholtz, Greg Layson): they've won some weeks, and lost other weeks.

We'll also skip over the seventh-place contestant, the only one who's lost every week so far, and land on Brian, who's lost every week except against the seventh-place team. There are still eight weeks left, meaning a total of 64 wins to be picked up, but Brian's teams have shot 35%, 45%, and 38% so far (going back to Week 1), with points-per-40 values often in the mid-to-low teens. So we may see a 1-5-2 split among the great/good/mediocre teams as the season unfolds.

The most recent week didn't count for MUBL purposes, so we return to play in the new year. It's a Decker/Tourigny matchup to start off the 2011 portion: last vs. first. I don't know whether to cheer for Alex (who has a heck of a team) or for Brian (for the upset, though that means I would be in last place...).
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