Women's hoops: a Russell roundup

Following up on the Darnellia Russell story with some of the more interesting bits from here and there:

  • Lakehead's Tasia McKenna is looking forward to the fall, to say the least: "I'm unbelievably excited. I'm not going to lie, when coach first told me about even having her come up for a recruiting trip, I kind of didn't believe him because I'd already seen the movie last year."
  • Roger Ebert's review of The Heart of the Game is still worth reading, two years after the fact, especially for those of us who haven't seen it yet.
  • Russell's former high school, Roosevelt HS in Seattle, seems to have two spellings for its nickname, depending on the source. This is unimportant but amusing because those versions are "Rough Riders" and "Roughriders."
  • Full marks for head coach Jon Kreiner. It's tempting for people in this country to gush about Americans coming to town, but he questioned her ability as a "consistent shooter" (in a polite Canadian way, of course) and reminded everyone that this isn't a Thunder Bay vacation: "She knows that this is basically her last chance that she has to achieve her dream." Kreiner treats her like a student-athlete instead of a movie star and provides a more complete look at this rather unlikely situation. Kudos to him.
  • And like any good coach, Kreiner makes sure to mention everyone in his short-but-incredibly-detailed Q&A with Rethinking Basketball (worth a click, and deserving of a hat tip for most of this post).
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