Some recon on Ricoh: A championship from (almost) downtown Toronto

Mr. Mirtle's Globe & Mail colleague, Michael Grange, floated a little trial balloon in a post today:

"... the first basketball event at Ricoh Coliseum shows promise. They've got a curtain draped across one end of the floor to shrink it a bit and they could probably have done the same to the other end to further the effect ... The one thing that jumped to my mind was that this will be a perfect venue for the CIS Final Eight one of these years."

This leads to questions over whether the championship tournament will be even be a Final 8 after Capital Sports/Carleton's contract expires in 2010. The women's championship will be a 16-team event starting that season and typically, in team sports, both leagues use the same format.

The beauty of holding it in Toronto is that it would do away with the host-team berth that's rankled a few people over the years -- it could be the same deal as when the AUS hosted in Halifax for all those years.
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  1. Shh! You hear that? It's the rest of the country already whining.

  2. Oh, come on, Canadians never whine -- just ask this guy.

    It should go out West after Carleton/Cap Sports' turn is done, but Ricoh should be kept in mind for either championship.

  3. Ah--the the sport of politics meets the politics of sport in Newfoundland.