If you can't beat 'em virally, you can't beat 'em on the ice

Repeatedly finishing behind Queen's in the OUA women's hockey standings for the past few seasons has apparently motivated the Western Mustangs to fire a little YouTube montage across the Golden Gaels' collective bow.

Mustangs goalie Brittany O'Halloran is the mastermind behind the clip. There's no harm in a little good-natured trash talk back and forth on the Internets and besides, if it takes a YouTube clip to get you motivated for a game, you're probably beyond getting motivated.

A word to the wise(r): Pleease don't use this to make generalizations about Western folk, who are some the best folk around (Stephen Brunt graduated from its J-school, whereas some of us couldn't get in).
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  1. With apologies to Western, I'm giving this video just one trash-talk star out of four. I was expecting some real smackdowns--general Queen's insults, unflattering photos of leading Gael scorers--instead of "I will sacrifice my body in September 2008." (Hopefully the body's still okay on October 4, which is the first time these two teams play.)

  2. I know... not one "Queen's f--ks sheep" or "I'd rather be a Mustang than a f--king Golden Gael."

    Hey, I didn't say it was creative trash-talk, but you don't exactly look at Western as a place that fosters free-thinking creative types... its alumni could never come up something on the creative scale of The Tragically Hip and The Arrogant Worms' song catalog, the songs from Evil Dead: The Musical, the novels of Russell Smith and Robertson Davies or the content of Cracked.com — all of which are the works of Queen's grads.

    ... but it's got enough a high enough portion of clich├ęs in it to get Ms. O'Halloran a job at any Canadian network.

  3. Now, now, Neate. If only the Gaels were that defensive on the power play.

    Besides, isn't this the wrong sport for a Western-Queen's rivalry?

  4. Queen's usually finishes ahead of Western, so in my mind, it's the right sport.

    (Still not over the football playoffs.)

  5. Wow...didn't realize there was an article written about my video! Cool...even if it's not the most positive one. Really guys? I was a third string walk-on goalie who played one game all season. I have no right to trash talk. Anyway, I'm really not the trash-talking type, not much of a fan of that. I was just goofing around with some lame video programs and some pictures I took or found online. I found a really cool hockey quote in a magazine ad, and threw it in with the battle song from Narnia. I didn't expect anyone except maybe my team to see it. However, I think what I was trying to do was make one of those little pre-game clips you see on CBC before any NHL game...fair to both teams. It probably took me all of 30 minutes to throw together. Didn't expect a critique of the video or perhaps I would've worked a little harder!

  6. Was all in fun, Ms. O'Halloran. It's the Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video of pump-up songs. And Western women's hockey is faring better these days. (Beat Laurier!)