Bronze Baby Bracketology: Ryerson handled double shot of hers-and-his banners like champs!

TORONTO — Ryerson, of course, went from zero to two in Ontario University Athletics basketball banners last weekend faster than alumnus Adnan Virk, class of 2000, can drop a great movie reference.

Officially, to quote Buzz Aldrin's self-effacing Simpsons guest appearance, coach Carly Clarke's Rams will have to say, "Second comes right after first." Time ran out in the men's basketball Rams' five-point Wilson Cup victory against Carleton a couple minutes before the horn sounded and the women's basketball Rams' could celebrate their six-point Critelli Cup conquest against the host Ottawa Gee-Gees.

Ryerson's staff deserve some love for how it worked updates from the women's final into game presentation. Hearing that the Rams were ahead at the other OUAs site heighted the anticipation. When the Rams and Ravens lined up for medal and trophy presentations, the first announcement, before anything else, was the women's score, which got a big cheer.

There was a time in CIS, not too long ago, when that would not have happened.

It was very cool that Ryerson did that, and in their first time hosting a Wilson Cup. How did that unfold on the other end? The women's basketball Rams, of course, wished they would be first. During a timeout with about 20 seconds left and a six-point lead, they were informed, however, that their MBB counterparts had got to the summit first.

The 'double shot of Rye' marked the first OUA basketball banner sweep since the 2005-06 McMaster Marauders' double. Hopefully this share isn't too 'inside baseball,' but it seems worth mentioning in light of the statistical rarity and Ryerson's sensitivity in getting both teams equal time in OUA spotlight. The Oscars should have such gender equity; really, it should.

Neither '06 Mac team was able to win that last game of the year, and to borrow the title-card coda from the Sorkinized film adaption of Moneyball, each is still trying to win the last game of the year.

Inside baseball, indeed. Oh, and the seeding is a spot-on match for the last Triple-B, meaning someone stumbled into on-basing 1.000. Another gratuitous, groan-inducing, golden-era Simpsons reference: "I know kids, I'm scared too."

  • 12 noon ET, No. 7 Ottawa Gee-Gees vs. No. 2 Saskatchewan Huskies — Probably best not mention another OUA heartbreaker from the 2006 calendar year, in another sport, that involves the Huskies and a heaping of points left on the field. It might still be a trigger.
  • 2 p.m. ET, No. 6 Alberta Pandas vs. No. 3 Saint Mary's Huskies — Works out to a noon start for the at-large Pandas.
  • 5 p.m. ET, No. 8 UNB Varsity Reds vs. No. 1 McGill Martlets — UNB should be a massive underdog, but part of hosting nationals is representing as much as winning.
  • 7 p.m. ET, No. 5 Regina Cougars vs. No. 4 Ryerson Rams — So, good thing that the U of R has not gone full Rams? 

and like Billy Beane, is still trying to win the last game of the year. The '06 Mac men also lost an 81-77 overtime heartbreaker against St. Francis Xavier 81-77 in the 4 vs. 5 quarter-final. Anyway, seemed like a fun story to share. Oh, and the seedings: 2½
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