#CISFinal8: Carleton 101, Calgary 79 (FINAL)

VANCOUVER — Carleton, according to the smart money, lower case, is an 11-point favorite against Calgary, which will be the crowd favourite.

They doubled that, and 'broke the board' at The Mitch with a 101-79 victory for Title XII and their sixth in succession. It is the first time in 44 seasons the season ended with a team hittin' a hundred, with only UBC's 117-84 victory against Windsor ranking as a higher point total.

Oddly enough, that was the previous time the tournament was out in Vancouver.

Carleton has won the last six finals by an average of 28.8 points. Ottawa, with the 12-point loss in '13, are the only team that has stayed within 18 of the Ravens in the final.

Comparison to the first 'peat? They had an average margin of 7.2 during the 2003 through '07 run in the Osvaldo Jeanty days.

No further explanation needed, time for a real-timey recap! Keep CTRL-R-ing and scrolling!

First quarter
  • At the first-quarter TV timeout, Gavin Resch has two triples and Connor Wood has had two clear looks, one that went, one that rattled out. Not a good portent for the Dinos.
  • Thomas Cooper registered with a drive, and a nice drop-down to David Kapinga for a back-cut layup.
  • Carleton goes right at Mitch Ligertwood to get two fouls on a spot on the bench for the 6-foot-7 Dinos forward.
  • It takes all of 6:01 of game time for Kapinga to get his second foul, as Resch draws a charge on a 2-on-1.
  • Now the 7-footer, Smythe, becomes the third Raven to triple, although Cooper answers. It's 19-9 at the two-thirds point of the quarter.
  • Calgary uses a timeout with 2;38 left in the quarter.
  • Jasdeep Gill hits an expiring-clock wing triple after Cooper smartly passes out of a contested shot. That comes between back-to-back Guillaume Boucard buckets.
  • GPB has eight, all deuces.
  • Without even checking the live stats, four Ravens tripled in the first 10 minutes. That includes T.J. Lall with two.
Second quarter!
  • In-game announcer fail: the trivia question was, "how many national championships has Carleton won?"

    Somehow, 11, the correct answer, was not an option. So, 5 + 1 + 5 = 12 in B.C. math. 
  • Carleton by 16, 90 seconds into the quarter.
  • Cooper triples, Wood misses a pair, but Cam Smythe hits one, to keep Carleton out front by 13 moving down to six in the half.
  • And, scene! Smythe sets a great up-top screen for Resch, but Calgary hedges, so Resch goes back to Smythe with about six seconds to shoot. Smythe puts it on the floor, then flicks back to Resch for the fifth-year's third triple this half.
  • Calgary gets into bonus 3:26 before the break.
  • On a that-was-way-easy ball screen set by Boucard, Resch triples for an 18-point Ravens lead.
  • Last minute, in transition with a six-second shoot-to-game differential, Wood flicks in a runner and gets fouled. Misses the back end of an and-one.
  • Carleton 54.5 per cent eFG (9-of-21 deuces, 10-of-23 threes), seven O-boards, only four turnovers. Ryan Ejim has three blocks and Boucard two.
  • The Ravens have 11 assists on 19 baskets, Calgary has five on their 10. So, yeah, this is basically a reprise of McGill against the Dinos, with Carleton having a better offence.
  • Calgary 36.4% eFG (6-of-19 deuces, 4-of-14 triples)
  • Resch's 12 is all on being 4-of-8 from downtown. 
  • Thomas Cooper has his game-high 14 on 13 shots, with a 3:3 assist/turnover ratio.
  • The Dinos who are not from Chattanooga are shooting an effective 30%.
Third quarter
  • Carleton hits half-a-hundred 34 seonds into the quarter, through Boucard, who gets into double figures.
  • Cooper splits free throws.
  • Kapinga has got to the cup twice for lefty layups in the first 100 seconds of the quarter. So Kaza Keane does one of his own, right, to get the lead out to 14. And everyone is happy!
  • Ejim  sits with his third foul, meaning Calgary will have some more ease getting to the rim. Mitchell Wood hits; 15-point lead.
  • Keane becomes the fifth Raven with a triple.
  • Reminder: next two nationals are in Halifax. 
  • Dallas Karch with a nice finish on a zippy Jhony Verrone pass; Dinos competing but after down 15.
  • It's been an even third quarter, thanks to a half-court shot at the buzzer.
  • How often does this happen: half-court buzzer shot goes for the basket ... and then there's a half court shot contest at the quarter break.
  • Mahony and Sons' servers need to learn to throw, but no one is complaining.
Fourth quarter
  • Ryan Ejim had eight in the third quarter.
  • Keane coming on strong, leaving Verrone breathing fumes.
  • Mitchell Wood just tore after his missed free throw and made it.
  • Keane gets his fourth foul with 6:45 remaining.
  • Kapinga, with two banked layups including an and-one, gets Calgary to within 14 for the first time since the opening minute of the third.
  • Resch hits his fifth triple at the midpoint of the fourth.
  • Ravens into bonus with 4:12 left, up 20. Boucard, with a double-double that includes 13 points and two tone-setting blocks in the opening minutes, might have played his way on to the all-star team in his last game.
  • Likely tournament MVP Connor Wood triples at the two-minute mark.  

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