Site news: The blog is dead, long live the blog

We don't often draw attention to what goes on behind the scenes here at The CIS Blog, mostly because not much ever does go on. Today is a little different.

Both of us, Andrew and Rob, have fallen out of touch with the CIS world lately, and if we're being perfectly honest we haven't had the time to run the site properly for a while. It has still functioned well thanks to the commitment and effort of our great (and volunteer!) contributors, many of whom have come to write for us while still in school and then gone on to careers in sports journalism or other related pursuits. Every year we seem to pick up another new sports editor from a campus paper who has more words to write than can fit in print.

We have decided to hand control of the site over to two of those capable young editors: Shelby Blackley and Scott Hastie. Shelby was the sports editor at The Cord for two years and is currently their campus news editor, also previously serving as the CUP national sports editor. Scott is the current sports editor at The Silhouette and has been covering basketball for us for a couple of years now. They will be the fifth and sixth editors here at The CIS Blog (which began seven years ago under the watchful eyes and skillful keyboards of James Mirtle and Neate Sager).

We will still be around from time to time, but the site is now theirs to run as they see fit. Despite Andrew's graduation from a royally-named university, we never learned the proper words for an abdication ceremony, so we'll merely wish the new editors success and go clean out our offices.

(Scott, Shelby: it's all yours.)
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