AUS men's soccer recap: Week Five

Now, usually I just throw on the scores — and of course the names that go with them — but before I do that, I want to say one thing ...

At this level of play there isn’t much of an excuse to have no goals scored for your team. It’s the CIS level and that should end with at least one goal in your favour, regardless of the game result. Twice this week, a team did not score, and in most cases, two goals would have been enough to win the game.

Now, I know it’s easy to sit here and say ‘come on, score!’ all comfy on the sidelines, but I’ve played soccer and I cover soccer, and I can tell you, you really should be getting goals.

Now that my rant is over ... here are the highlights of this past week for AUS men’s soccer.


UPEI 2 at Moncton 1
A 2-0 lead after goals by Cole MacMillan (16:50) and Mark Ashley (49:41) wasn't something Moncton could come back from in this one. They got one of their own from Ahmed Abdul-Rahman in the 63rd minute and three shots on goal in the last five minutes but it ended 2-1.


StFX 2 at Saint Mary’s 2
Randy Ribeiro scored for StFX in minute 38. They wouldn’t score again until minute 70, when Max Maund scored. The Huskies came back to tie it up, with Danny Bachar scoring two minutes after that, bringing the score to 2-1.

Pawel Gorski scored the tying goal in minute 78.

Moncton 4 at Mount Allison 1
Moncton’s Ahmed Abdul-Rahman scored an unassisted goal in minute seven, giving them an early lead. Adrian Crace headed the ball into the net off a throw-in, tying the game at 28:30, but the tie wouldn’t last long. Christian Yapi scored at 38:00, followed by Maxime Daigle at 74:38 and another header off a corner kick at 89:18 by Abdul-Rahman.


UNB 3 at Cape Breton 4
Most of this game was dominated by the Capers, with Zak Riley scoring in minute 21, followed by Kwabe Boateng at 47. Three minutes into the second half Boateng scored his second goal of the game, and Trey Durham scored the fourth goal for CBU at 71:00 after a UNB goal in the 61st by Diego Padhilha.

UNB came back strong with two goals after the 80th minute with Yassin Shehab El Din and Patrick Cormier.

Memorial 1 at UPEI 2
Scoring early at 5:31, Aaron Anstey gave the Seahawks hope. But Brett Hogan scored for the Panthers at 14:14, tying the game, then Cole MacMillan scored what would be the game-winning goal at 50:30.


Memorial 0 at UPEI 4
Cole Macmillan scored the first three goals for the Panthers at 23:32, 53:25 and 61:14. Hogan scored again a minute later, the fourth and final goal of the game.

Moncton 0 at Cape Breton 5
Another big lead and eventual win for CBU. Within 10 minutes they were up 2-0 on goals by Bruno Mota and Mark Stewart. Sandro Rajkovic scored in the 44th, followed by Jordan Evison in the 49th, and the final goal by Ian Greedy in the 73rd.

Dalhousie 2 at StFX 1
Aaron Hoyle scored for DAL in the first minute of the second half. StFX didn’t score until 88:22 by Jamie Tibbo, but DAL’s William Kafeero scored 22 seconds later, giving DAL the win.

UNB 2 at Mount Allison 1
Jason Rouse at 18:33 and Yousuf Mohammad at 39:02 shared UNB’s two goals, and Mount Allison’s lone goal was scored by Adrian Crace late in the first half at 36:37.

Acadia 1 at Saint Mary’s 1
Acadia and Saint Mary’s tied their only matchup of the year, Ishraq Hassan scoring at 10:37 for SMU, followed by Erik Merchant’s lone goal for Acadia at 20:04.
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