Hockey: SMU women's hockey back from the dead ... minus coach

The Saint Mary's Huskies women's hockey team may have got a reprieve for a year, thanks to the $60k from Canadian Tire, but they're going to have to find a new coach. Lisa Jordan fought valiantly and brought the team back from the brink, but now she is the new coach at Ryerson.
"I am really thrilled about the opportunity to coach at Ryerson University. I feel very fortunate that the opportunity was available," said Jordan. "There's a lot of work to be done to prepare this team for next year and we'll know more about where we stand after training camp. But for now, I can promise it's going to be a very exciting season for everyone involved in women's hockey at Ryerson."
Think maybe having your contract not renewed might encourage a good coach to look to greener pastures? Can't blame Jordan, but she's the most visible casualty of SMU's ham-fisted handling of this admittedly difficult budget situation. I wonder how many of Jordan's recruits will follow her to Toronto?

Looks like the current/old Ryerson coach is keeping her job.
The current coach of the Ryerson women's hockey team, Stephanie White, will continue with the team as an associate coach, allowing her more time to focus on her full-time marketing management responsibilities in Ryerson's Athletics department, including playing a key role in the on-going development of the Ryerson University Athletics and Recreation Centre at Maple Leaf Gardens.
With all these changes I'm guessing Ryerson's RPI may go up next season.

Lisa Jordan named new women's hockey coach (Ryerson Sports Information)
Jordan takes Ryerson job (Willy Palov, Chronicle-Herald)
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