Basketball: Nkrumah facing charges

A few days late, but from Friday's Cape Breton Post:

Former Cape Breton University Capers men’s basketball star Phil Nkrumah is scheduled to appear in provincial court May 19 to enter pleas on three charges stemming from an incident with police.

The 26-year-old is charged with assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and causing a disturbance in a public place.

Nkrumah was charged after an incident Feb. 27 at the Capri Club in downtown Sydney. He has been released on conditions that include staying away from the Capri Club and abstaining from alcohol.

The Capers played once after Feb. 27: the AUS semifinal, an upset 83-81 overtime loss to Acadia, in which Nkrumah played 42 minutes. This was a week after the incident. It's not clear when he was charged. It's worth pointing out, if only for purposes of comparison, that in 2009, charges were laid in early March against former X players Tyler Richards, Eamon Morrissy, and William Donkoh--none of whom, if memory serves and regardless of how their cases turned out, participated in the AUS Final 6 (which was held a few days later).

CBU athletic director John Ryan, according to the above-linked story, "said he wasn’t informed by head coach Jim Charters or Nkrumah of the Feb. 27 incident until after the tournament ended." It's a fair question to ask when the head coach actually knew about this, but neither Charters nor Nkrumah were reached by the Post for comment.

(Thanks to the person who e-mailed us the news. I see Mark Wacyk has linked it as well.)
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  1. In an unrelated story, another Caper is facing charges.

    "Fourth-year Cape Breton University guard Tremaine Nigel Fraser, 21, and Shawntez Neco Downey and Landrel C. Beals, both 19, all of North Preston, face weapons charges related to a shooting and chase in the Woodside area."

    These stories goes beyond our scope as a two-bit (2.10 U.S. bits) sports blog, so we'll just point to others' coverage of them.

  2. Is Jim Charters a basketball coach or a zookeeper?
    A lot of stuff CBU shouldn't be proud of has happened under his watch.
    If he can't or won't control his players any better than he has shown in the past, it's time to show him the door.
    This is getting ridiculous.