Track and field: Effah looking beyond the next 100m

There are far too many CIS stories for us to keep track of every one of them, even in the quieter summer months, but it only seems appropriate to call attention to this profile of Sam Effah, a Dino sprinter who's won athlete of the year three times, is entering his final year of eligibility with Calgary in the fall, finished just 0.10 seconds behind Usain Bolt in a 200m world championship heat, is competing this weekend at nationals--and, oh yeah, ran the fourth-fastest time ever by a Canadian last month:
“It's one thing to run 10.06 once, but a couple of times, then I know I really belong,” Effah said.

[National team coach Alex] Gardiner cautions there are no overnight sensations in track and field and it could be months before Effah breaks the 10-second barrier. But he believes Effah has the temperament to succeed in this high-pressure sport.

“He's kind, gentle and thankful. He's humble,” Gardiner said. “For a sprinter, you think it has to be the other.”

Effah ran a 10.06 in Miramar, Florida. No worry of high altitudes there.

The link below also has a short video of Effah and his Calgary coach Brenda Van Tighem, along with the requisite long shot of the sprinter sprinting toward the camera. In the video, the (apparently quite affable) Effah says he just wants to medal, whether it's in 2012 or 2016. Given that no Canadian has finished on the podium in an Olympic sprint since 1996, it's hard not to share his simple desire.

Calgary sprinter hitting his stride [The Canadian Press]
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