Football: Varsity Blues have a recruit with a somewhat famous name

The U of T Varsity Blues' chances of appearing in "obscure college football scores" some time in the next 4-5 years have shot up by 4,000 per cent.

This is too good, in a football-nerd context, not too mention: Toronto has an incoming defensive back, Greg Easterbrook, who has the same name as the author of's eggheaded Tuesday Morning Quarterback column. The mind behind TMQ, Gregg Easterbrook, whose football obsessions include obscure colleges, conservative coaching decisions and pass-wackiness, is the one with the extra G.

One can only hope this gets the Varsity Blues a mention on TMQ at some point, notwithstanding that Page 2 hasn't been hip since Varsity Blues first became a staple of late-night cable programming.

It's nice, at the risk of playing the Canadian who clings to any mention of the country in the U.S. media, to think the other Easterbrook has a secret fascination with CIS football. He did mention then-McMaster star Kojo Aidoo in his annual nonsensical mock draft column. The Queen's Golden Gaels were also mentioned last fall for executing a couple daring third-down gambles while closing out Laval in the Mitchell Bowl.

There was some hedging over whether it was worth posting about Easterbrook. Football recruiting news is handled very well by Canada Football Chat and the 25 schools planning to participate in CIS football this season. For the rest of us, there so much uncertainty over what those players might become in a few years. However, The Sporting Blog had a post on Tuesday about some college basketball recruits with odd names, so the attitude was, whatthehell.

All that is known about Easterbrook is he played at Ernestown Secondary School near Kingston, whose program is only two years old. He presumably appreciates football success can be a long time in the waiting for a school, not a bad understanding to bring to a Toronto team trying to turn the corner under coach Greg DeLaval.
"U of T went 49 football games without a win. That's nothing.

"Ernestown Secondary School went forty-eight years without a victory on the gridiron." (Sept. 18, 2008)
The Varsity Blues should seize the day with their Greg Easterbrook, if he becomes a starter. As TMQ would say, be bold and the football gods will smile upon you, U of T.

(Totally self-indulgent, I know.)
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