Football Top 10: So, Montréal, then, and how to acocunt for Alberta and Guelph's surges

A carpenter's shirt pocket, the Boston Bruins' top four defencemen and this week's ballot. What is four number twos? The choice at the top of this week's ballot was whether to double down on Montréal after some finishing issues nearly cost them in a 20-17 win against Concordia, or to elevate Western after it romped over woeful Windsor. Ultimately the Carabins still have the loudest statement win, against my No. 2, Laval, so it's a vote for them.

The next level of the pantheon involves how to sort out the hierarchy of Canada West, with Guelph and McMaster slotted in somewhere. Alberta and Guelph are posting better results than the one-loss teams, Calgary and McMaster, that they lost to at home in the first week of the season. Recency reduces the weight of those results.
  1. Montréal (5-0 RSEQ). Lack of finish nearly cost them in the three-point win against Concordia; they've had seven missed field goals on the year and the rest of the RSEQ has only biffed 10.
  2. Laval (3-1 RSEQ). Imagine what they were thinking during the fourth quarter of Montréal's game on Friday.
  3. Western (6-0 OUA). The last two defences Chris Merchant and Co. see in the regular season are ninth and third in OUA.
  4. Guelph (4-2 OUA). Better results than McMaster had against three common opponents, plus that season-opening game against the Marauders feels like so long ago.
  5. McMaster (4-1 OUA). Would be interesting if they were playing Guelph this week.
  6. Alberta (4-1 CW). On a four-win streak entering their rematch with Calgary.
  7. Saskatchewan (3-2 CW). Well, if the head-to-head result from five weeks ago counts for so little, then the Huskies' 14-point win against Calgary deserves a reward.
  8. Calgary (4-1 CW). Probably underrated; will regain their usual perch if they assert themselves authoritatively against Alberta.
  9. Waterloo (4-1 OUA). At Western, home to Laurier and at McMaster for the last three, so Tre Ford and cohorts are in tough.
  10. Acadia (5-0 AUS). Still flawless after the long trip to Lennoxville.
  11. Manitoba (3-2 CW). Just squeaked by Regina at home, suggesting they're closer to fifth in Canada West than first, even though they are only a game back.
  12. Ottawa (3-2 OUA). Offensive regression has caught up to them big-time.
  13. Saint Mary's (3-1 AUS). Got better on their bye week, apparently.
  14. Carleton (2-3 OUA). Get the nod over Laurier (also 2-3) due to a tougher schedule.
  15. McGill (2-3 RSEQ). McGill leads the RSEQ Rump Legislature Round-Robin with Concordia and Sherbrooke and also tallied a conference-most 16 sacks.
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