Say bonjour and hello to University Sports Canada

Cue the "Who are U again?" quips. I kid.

After 15 years with the former name, the overseer of university sports is now University Sports Canada. Or #USports on the Twitter:
A name change is in keeping with the idea that, as a product the sports-consuming public enjoys, university athletics needs a reboot. Of course, it will take a lot more than moving the offices to Toronto hanging out a new shingle to effect change, but that's another post.

Grammar rodeo head buckaroos take a double hit with the name change. In both British English and Quebec French, the plural of sport is sport, but there is the "common usage" argument and not everyone in Canada has either dialect as a primary tongue. The second is one can no longer correct people who say, "the CIS."

Hourra pour change pour le plaisir de changer! Figurative translation from the grade 10 Ontario French: learn to like it!
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