Editor’s note: Our fight with Blogger

As our dedicated contributors and readers will notice, The CIS Blog has looked better —and often times more confusing — since Scott and I took on the website. We are trying to incorporate a new modern look to the site while still making it versatile and easy for our contributors and ourselves to use and read. Unfortunately, Blogger doesn’t want us to do that without a fight.

For the next four months, our site will stay with a simple dynamic view of all articles. They will still be easy to find, but it will not be as clean as we hoped. This is to make it easier for uploading in the busy times of basketball, hockey and national championships. We are forced to sacrifice attractiveness for quality of content, but it’s a sacrifice we’re both willing to make. Content comes before visuals.

Within the upcoming summer months when I am done my undergraduate degree, I will be working on hopefully transferring servers and making the website better for usability as well as physical appearance. This way, The CIS Blog can benefit from a better back end.

For now, we ask you please bear with us as we deal with Blogger’s frantic battle. Our goal is still to bring the best coverage of CIS sports we can — we’ll just do it with a simple website.

- Shelby Blackley, co-editor of The CIS Blog
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