Women's basketball: Final 8 odds

Same format as the men's:

      Semi Final Champ
1 WSR  94.5   83.7   56.2 
2 SMU  74.4   63.1   31.2 
7 ALB  25.6   17.0    4.7
3 SSK  82.5   18.9    3.9 
4 MCG  59.7    9.7    2.6
5 UFV  40.3    4.9    1.0 
8 WLU   5.5    1.7    0.2 
6 QUE  17.5    1.1    0.1 

The playoff results in Canada West, where Alberta finished third behind Saskatchewan and Fraser Valley, require the strange scenario of a 7 seed being third-most likely to win, and the 2 seed having with a tougher matchup in Round 1 than in Round 2.

Some may give Laurier half of the home bonus, being relatively close to the site of the tournament, but they are treated the same as any non-Windsor team here.

The quarterfinal matchups, viewable at CIS-SIC.tv, are:

Fri Mar 14
1:00pm ET - (7) Alberta vs. (2) SMU (predicted score: SMU 68-63)
3:00pm ET - (6) Queen's vs. (3) Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan 66-56)
6:00pm ET - (8) Laurier at (1) Windsor (Windsor 80-48)
8:00pm ET - (5) UFV vs. (4) McGill (McGill 59-55)
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  1. Good summary. In my, perhaps not so humble, opinion, I think it's ridiculous that the Pandas are seeded #7. This is a team that's 22-1 in it's last 23 games with that one loss to a top 5 opponent and has been no lower than #5 in the CIS top 10 all year yet they end up behind McGill and Queen's. Both those teams have poorer records and have not been near Alberta in the top 10 all year with Queen's only spending 2 weeks in it at #10. I realize top 10 and record aren't the be all end all of final nationals seeding, and they focus too much on avoiding inter-confernce matchups, but it makes a mockery of that weekly exercise when you see this. As frustrated as Alberta should be, I think St. Mary's should be equally frustrated at having to play a team in round 1 that finished atop Canada West and spent the majority of the year ranked #3. There is no perfect system but something needs to change.

    1. I agree,Doug. No way should Huskies have to play Pandas in Game 1. However, some rules supercede a seeding based on pure ability. No way should Quebec team ever receive such a high seeding but rules defer to conference champs.
      Last year the 2-time defending champ Lancers returning their Big 3 (Langlois, Clemencon , Williams plus 3pt specialists Mullins and Kovacetic-in other words their starting lineup) were seeded 4th but still prevailed. Regina benefited from some serious home-cooking and still couldn't win it all. Oddly enough some atrocious Regina free throw shooting was their undoing in the final with one 5th year player (i forget the name Diane something, maybe) clanked all 6 FTAs. Imagine shooting at the same rim for 5yrs and missing shots in the final.

    2. Also in your favour, Doug is last year's seeding which paired Windsor vs conference mate Ottawa then if all went accordingly Windsor vs Carleton. In other words the Lancers would have flown to Regina to play 2 pre-final games vs squads they've played 5 times previously . So their reluctance to match teams from the same conference simply isn't true.

    3. I don't imagine we'll be hearing from Doug. The pandas were awful. And worst of all-theydidn't even compete. Just took it without a fight. No wonder that guard moved on to Regina. not that she wouldn't have made it a difference either. First-Team all-Canadian and she doesn't even finish the season? Joke.

  2. Queen's actually battled the Lancers in the oua final. Despite the lopsided score a lot of it was due to the blitzkrieg-like start the Lancers got off to leading 9-0 before you could say "Jack whatever surname he has". The Gaels are well coached and tough. Big, strong , dogged players who never give up and love to compete. That's what impressed me the most-they love to compete. Every square inch of the floor is contested. The Gaels were trailing upwards to twenty-something points and still fought until the echo of the ref's whistle. It's almost as if they'd rather have no scoreboard. Just compete, compete, compete.