Football: Mitchell and Uteck Bowl point spreads

I am less confident in these than I am in the usual spreads due to little interconference play in one case, and none at all in the other.

Laval at Mount Allison (+20.5)
Western at Calgary (+13.5)

This is the third-straight playoff game where I have called the Mounties at least seven-point underdogs, twice making me look stupid, though something tells me they won't win this time.

As always, check out friend of the blog Jim Mullin and the crew on Countdown U:


To recap last week:

Mount Allison at Saint Mary's (-9.5) - did not cover, MtA won
Montreal at Laval (-11.5) - did not cover, Laval by 3
Queen's at Western (-18) - covered, Western by 29
Manitoba at Calgary (-14) - covered, Calgary by 15
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  1. You don't often miss the spread by 54.5.

    1. I can't decide what's more embarrassing: losing by 41, or having your 13.5-point favourite lose by 41.