Football: Quinlan takes home Hec

Shocking nobody at all, McMaster quarterback Kyle Quinlan won the Hec Crighton Trophy Thursday night.

Our quarterback rankings will be complete and ready after the Vanier Cup is over, but it's safe to say Quinlan will be the leader again. Through the bowl games, he's in first place, and will stay there unless Tristan Grenon throws for 1,000 yards or something. Actually, it's even less likely than that: he would have to throw for 1,000 yards more than Quinlan. (Let's just go ahead and say that won't happen.)

Quinlan's now the sixth quarterback in a row to win the Hec Crighton, and at the risk of sounding pessimistic, when all is said and done he will probably end up being the fifth of those five (Erik Glavic won twice) to finish his quarterbacking career at the CIS level, unless they change the rule that needs to be changed, or unless Brad Sinopoli ever gets a real shot.

On a personal note, the first time I ever saw Quinlan play in person was Mac's 2010 season opener against Queen's. Two things were immediately obvious: (1) he was very talented, and (2) he apparently had no intention of ever learning how to hook slide. The ensuing three seasons—with one (or two?) Vanier Cup victories and, now, a Hec Crighton Trophy—have only reinforced both those first impressions.
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