Previewing our football previews

With CIS football season two weeks away, our fifth-annual series of football previews will begin next week.

(For those new to the site, here are 2011's previews, 2010's, and 2009's.)

This year, teams in the larger conferences will be previewed together in a live panel discussion with several of our own contributors as well as followers of CIS football from around the Canadian sports world.

Here are the dates for our previews:

Canada West
Live panel discussion on Tuesday, August 21 at 2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT.

Live panel discussion on Thursday, August 23 at 7:00pm ET / 4:00 pm PT.

We will be previewing the AUS teams individually as in past years, with two teams published on each of Monday, August 27 and Tuesday, August 28.

Live panel discussion on Thursday, August 30 at 1:00pm ET / 10:00am PT.

We will also publish our picks for conference champions and the Vanier Cup winner on Friday, August 31, in advance of the season opener that night in Saskatoon.


If you can't wait for a preview, the CIS previews (in most cases written by that team's athletic department) have already started and are available here.
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  1. Yeah! The CIS blog is off the mat! I wasn't sure if you guys were gonna beat the count.

    I look forward to another fall season of your premium university ball coverage.

    PS. Go Stangs Go

  2. Oddsmakers post odds to win Vanier Cup and conference champions:

    Vanier Cup:
    Laval 3/1
    Calgary 3/1
    Western 4/1
    McMaster 4/1
    UBC 5/1
    Sherbrooke 7/1
    Saskatchewan 8/1
    Acadia 10/1
    Montreal 12/1
    Queens 12/1
    Saint Mary's 12/1
    Regina 15/1
    Ottawa 20/1
    Windsor 50/1
    Laurier 50/1
    Manitoba 50/1
    Concordia 66/1
    Toronto 100/1
    Bishop's 100/1
    St Francis Xavier 100/1
    Alberta 100/1
    Mount Allison 150/1
    McGill 150/1
    Guelph 200/1
    Waterloo 250/1
    York 250/1

    Canada West:
    Calgary 1/3
    UBC 2/1
    Saskatchewan 6/1
    Regina 6/1
    Manitoba 16/1
    Alberta 20/1

    Western 1/1
    McMaster 1/1
    Queen's 3/1
    Ottawa 5/1
    Windsor 6/1
    Laurier 10/1
    Toronto 20/1
    Guleph 20/1
    York 40/1

    Acadia 10/11
    Saint Mary's 11/10
    St Francis Xavier 15/2
    Mount Allison 20/1

    Laval 2/3
    Sherbrooke 13/10
    Montreal 7/2
    Concordia 12/1
    Bishop's 20/1
    McGill 40/1