Introducing "CIS Name Of The Year"

UPDATE (Feb. 7): The nomination period has now closed. Thank you all for your submissions.

Inspired, of course, by Name of the Year, but also wishing to return that august competition to its collegiate roots, we've decided to run a similar contest this year, choosing the best name in CIS.

We have some names in mind already (Ilarion Bonhomme, you can expect a high seed), but with so many CIS athletes across the country, we're going to miss some.

This is where you come in. In the nomination form below, enter the name of an athlete you wish to nominate for the Name Of The Year tournament (and, if possible, a link to the roster to verify that athlete exists). The seeding committee will review the nominees and issue a tournament bracket in due course.

Please note that you only have to submit the name once ... we are not giving more consideration to names submitted multiple times, so ballot-box stuffing will not have any effect on seeding.

(Our apologies to Monty Hardware for not running this contest while he was still eligible.)
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