Basketball: New fifth-year homes for Bakovic, Weigl

We'll have more on these players later, but for now we should quickly note a pair of transfers involving some big names in CIS ball:

After four seasons at Ryerson University in Toronto, 6-foot-8 forward Boris Bakovic has committed to the Dinos for 2011-12. He will be eligible to play for the Dinos immediately, having sat out the entire 2010-11 season.

Trinity Western University head coach Cheryl Jean-Paul is happy to announce that three-time CIS champion and Canadian National team member Laurelle Weigl will be suiting up for the Spartans for the 2011-12 season.

Wayne Thomas has more on Bakovic (and Calgary's two other recruits, Daryus Sconiers and Josh Owen-Thomas). The Dinos' release points out that Bakovic was the nation's leading scorer in each of his last three seasons with Ryerson; and in his last two, he was No. 1 in our PER-based rankings.

Weigl may not have been atop those rankings, but she was right close (for example, sixth in 2008-09) and she has those three championships in four years at SFU anyway.
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  1. Nice pick up for the Dinos, even if Boris there only a year.
    Having watched Boris play in the OUA East, he gives almost any team he faces headaches.
    He even dropped 30 on Carleton a couple of times.
    There are a lot of weak sisters in CW and I bet Boris will lay those teams to waste.

  2. The 'weak sisters of Canada West' are getting stronger as we discuss. Strong recruits in Thompson Rivers, Lethbridge. Canada West has done what other leagues haven't ... expanded. What league doesn't have perennial powers, and doormats. You get an Athletic Admin., and the coaching to build, and you can change for the better.
    We have some former College programs struggling to find a competitive level, but there is a good chance some of these new schools will build respectable programs. Barnaby Craddock at Fraser Valley, and Scott Clark at TRU will work hard at getting up to speed, as will Marc Dobell and Mount Royal, who, in time will be able to play with the CIS old guard.

  3. As a Spartan Faithful I was pumped/surprised at the Weigl rumours (and then confirmation). Now going to the women's game might have a purpose beyond securing good seats for the men's game.

  4. Do I detect a bit of sensitivity in Wayne's reply?
    Of course the weaker teams will do all they can to improve themselves...if they didn't, the coaches would/should get axed.
    Not all of CW's weaker members are the newbies.
    Trinity has only been around a decade or so and was a
    national finalist this past March.
    And UFV has made strides but TRU, which actually joined the conference a year earlier than Fraser Valley, has been spinning its wheels since its inception.
    But it is the teams that have been in CanWest/GPAC a longtime like Lethbridge and Winnipeg have been struggling for years.
    And now Brandon has gone from perennial contender to a have not.
    Undoubtedly some of these teams will improve but some won't, at least, they won't quickly get much better.
    Anyway, my original thought was that if Bakovic can drop 30 on a team as stout defensively as Carleton, he should many good nights this coming year against teams that shall we say are not defensive stalwarts.
    I did not think that was a provocative thing to say.

  5. Gee-Gee women have acquired two fifth year players coming to Ottawa for grad work They are former Queen's captain Teddi Firmi amd former UWO all-Canadian Bess Lennox.