Basketball: Gil Cheung coming home to Brandon

How is this for a juxtaposition? Two former Brandon Bobcats teammates will be on opposite sidelines for Manitoba teams next season.

Brandon has tapped the B.C. college ranks for new men's basketball coach Gil Cheung, a former Bobcats guard who professes a deep admiration to former teammate Mike Raimbault, the new coach at Winnipeg.

Cheung coached Vancouver's Douglas College in the BCCAA the past two seasons. He was part of some strong Bobcats teams in the early 200s under the legendary Jerry Hemmings, earning academic all-Canadian honours in 2001-02.

One can only imagine the rivalry with the two former teammates coaching a few hours apart along the Trans-Canada Highway.

(Hat tip: Keith Borkowsky.)
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  1. Good for Gil. Young hardworking coach, knows the game. I know him pretty well, going back years, so I may be a little biased, but I think he'll do a fine job.

  2. Hopefully, he'll bring some much needed stability and continuity to their program.
    After Hemmings was there for what seemed like forever, the past few years
    was like a running joke with the revolving door of coaches coming through.
    Live long and prosper, Gil.

  3. This story is noteworthy in that I learned one of Jerry Hemmings' players actually earned academic all-Canadian honours.

  4. I heard he's going to recruit some good players from Vancouver. Players such as Gurjote Jhaj, Clayton Crellin, Jitinder Lohcham, and Drew Slaght.

  5. I'd love to see Drew Slaght back at the CIS level.

  6. Good luck to Gil...It's nice to see a young coach get a chance.
    For the record, Brandon's last 3 coaches were all former players at BU. They fired Mike after a 20-2 season, They hire Kieth in Mike's place then give keith the boot after 2 years. You have to wonder if Gil will be on the same short leash... BU its time to you to commit to a coach - let's hope Gill is the guy.

  7. Brandon fired Raimbault?
    Funny, I thought he was just the interim coach.
    They didn't really fire him...they just didn't offer him the job.
    Instead, they gave it to Vassell.
    No offense to him, but I always wondered why they were so keen on Vassell when he
    really didn't have much experience compared to others.
    Obvious to say, but they might have made a mistake.
    Hopefully this is the right choice this time and the new guy is
    here for the long haul.

  8. Brandon should have never let Mike go. He is from Brandon, played there and loved being able to coach at home. He may have won with Barnaby's players but the fact remains he won, and he won at UNBC too. I think it may take a couple years for him to get 'his' players at Winnipeg but I believe local kids will want to stay home and play for Mike.

    On a side note, I had heard that Brock may be announcing Brad Rootes today as their new Head Coach....Not a suprise after all the rumnours that have been circuting with regards to Coach Murray.

    Now that's 2 prominant coaches in the OUA West that are no longer at the helm.

  9. Well, it's been three days and no announcement out of Brock
    except the fact the AD Lorne Adams resigned to go back to full time teaching.
    That suggests to me any coaching change might be put on hold for a while.
    I agree Brandon should never have let Mike go but these are the same
    gutless wonders who canned Hemmings while he was out of the country.

  10. what do you guys think about the players he's recruiting like I said above ?

  11. Gurjote Jhaj, Clayton Crellin, Jitinder Lohcham, and Drew Slaght?

    I would like to see Drew play CIS ball again. But with all due respect, none of those players, maybe except Clayton would make Brandon any better. Certainly not a guy like Gurjote. And I'm not sure Clayton would be academically eligible.