Linking the country: Three of top four football teams have no trouble

Writing about Friday night's game, Deux Fans describe the silence at Concordia for Montreal's 38-0 win (a worse crowd than McGill? ouch). Jeu blanc indeed. The only teams in that conference whom Montreal has yet to defeat by 24 or more points are McGill and Laval.

For those wondering if the Huskies might get it together this year, I'm afraid to say Calgary had more field goals than Saskatchewan had points. Johnny Mark, despite having two first names, connected on six, though none was longer than 36 yards.

Nobody from any Windsor newspaper went to watch the Lancers against the Lions, judging from the three sentences written about the game, the byline ("Posted by: Sports Desk"), and the irrelevant 2011 picture. In honour of their efforts, I'm not even going to put a "Lancers" tag on this post.

Similarly, sending two people to London for a big game would be too much for the Hamilton Spectator, so to illustrate a game in front of 11,000 people at TD Waterhouse Stadium in September 2012 they chose a file photo of one person at some unknown game at Ron Joyce Stadium in who-knows-what-year. (Aside from the dateline, it's not clear they sent anyone.) The Mustangs lost the game (33-27) and their QB, both of which Greg Marshall is taking rather seriously. We'll have more on this game tomorrow morning, the only game involving a top four team that wasn't a blowout.

Sweet Melinda, does any Ontario daily have photographers anymore? The Whig-Standard's gamer on the Golden Gaels' 32-25 win over Ottawa (closer than it seemed, probably) just uses a giant Queen's logo that is almost larger than the story. (Also, ten points for "local news" — you see the exact same stories at as you do at Now that the Gee-Gees have successfully stopped one thing their coach does they don't like, can someone work on "kicking a field goal from your opponent's 17 when down by 13 with under four minutes to go"?

In basketball news, the 2012-13 non-conference schedule opened this weekend, and in one result, the Lakehead men beat Brandon 83-56. No word if the fans up in Thunder Bay feasted on Bobcat meat for Homecoming.
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  1. Rob Massey of the Mercury took some nice pics at Guelph-Laurier game. The Merc and the KW Record both used his shots.

  2. Allow me to stick up for the Whig a little here. They did have a photographer at the game, but I'm not sure why they didn't use a picture for the web story. I don't know if that has anything to do with the fact that they don't publish on Sundays. The images on the Ottawa Sun's site are actually from a Whig photog.

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  4. Two stories of Western/Mac game needing noting. Firstly- the whole CIS and OUA must have been cheering watching Western getting pasted especially in the second quarter where at half time Mac up 28-12 and Western virtually standing still offensively! Tough game to sit through at TD Waterhouse as part of Western alumni- couldn't change the channel! Western has to be one of the most disliked/hated team over the last 30 years. Mac was lights out for at least 2 quarters, scoring 19 in the second quarter while yielding only 3 in that same quarter. Quinlan with some big gainer runs and several big passes and plays that resulted in pass interference.

    Second story of game is divided in two- a)Mac being stymied for only 5 points in second half of which 2 was a rouge, the other was a FG late in the 4th quarter. b) Western does score 15 points in second half of game, but Mac merciless in their sacks against Donnie M- they ended up seeing rookie/freshman Will Finch who lit up Mac in last 3 minutes for 6 for 8 passes and 142 yards for rouge and subsequent TD pass. Garbage time perhaps- but Mac had been roasted the week earlier by coach in game against Queen's and Western comes one onside kick away from getting the ball back with l minute left in game.

    Mac will likely stay number one ranked this week but they need to pick it up a bit in their second half of game to be more of a dominant team in the OUA- there are 3 or 4 teams in OUA that could make their life miserable in the playoffs. I suspect we have not seen the best yet this year of defending Vanier champs Marauders.

    These teams if they meet again in the playoffs(possibly Yates) should provide another entertaining game. Queen's and Windsor will no doubt have something to say about that in addition to the surging Guelph Gryphons.