UNB announces new Director of Athletics

Wayne Albert, the dean of the Faculty of Kinesiolgy at UNB, has just sent out an e-mail announcing UNB's new Director of Athletics — John Richard.

Richard is the longtime women's volleyball coach at UNB and has been wearing the interim AD hat since Kevin Dickie left to become the AD at Acadia. Richard was also the acting UNB AD a few years ago when then-AD Clint Hamilton left for Victoria and Dickie was eventually hired. Richard will wear both the AD and women's volleyball coach hats this year, which means UNB will be in the market for a new coach in a year's time.

From the announcement:


During his tenure at UNB, John served as assistant athletic director for several years and as interim director twice. In addition to these administrative duties, he has volunteered his time on many committees and boards with various provincial and national sports organizations.

“We look forward to John's leadership of an athletics program that is coming off a very successful season with AUS and CIS championships in hockey, and AUS championships for both the men's and women's volleyball teams,” commented Wayne Albert, dean of the Faculty of Kinesiology. The athletics department will be hosting the CIS Men's Hockey Championship this season, followed by the CIS Men's Soccer Championship in 2013.


The announcement is also now on the V-Reds' website. It points out that Richard is "the only UNB varsity athlete and the only UNB alumnus to be named to the position of athletic director at UNB".
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  1. Very selective in what you write about the AUS. Do you cover the AUS or just UNB? Here are some interesting links about UNB you ignored.



    Quotes from Shannon Wise, former UNB player. @wise1290sports
    "just did an interview with CBC New Brunswick - still tough to talk about UNB's decision to cut their women's hockey program back in 2008"

    "what would you do if the thing that defines who your are, was taken away?"

    Quote from Marty Mockler @martymockler
    "UNB knows they were wrong to drop woman's hockey or they wouldn't be trying to stop a Human Rights Board of Inquiry from hearing the case."

    Oh BTW David, STU is hosting CIS Women's Hockey Nationals in 2014. Just thought I would let you know in case you missed it.